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Our Databases

The limited quantity of records online for the north of England, particularly Cumberland, is frustrating for all researchers.  We have collected baptisms, marriages  and burials now for over 40 years and there seems little point in keeping them to ourselves.  Added to that, we have records from East Anglia which may be of interest.   Virtually all have been extracted from original parish registers or Bishop’s Transcripts viewed in local archives and also in the Genealogical Library in Salt Lake City, although, to be fair, back in the early days,  it did not occur to us to source our work as well as we do now.  We have not intended to just copy here transcripts done by others, so if you feel we have copied your work, let us know and it will be removed.  This is just a small offering, limited to the names we have needed to research, but it seemed worth putting some lists online in the hope that it might just help someone along the way.   If we knew how to make a searchable database, we would, but, as we don’t, we hope this will suffice.  

If you find something that may be useful, contact us and we will send the rest of the entry, along with any siblings we can see, or anything else we may know of the family.  Please remember, however, that many of these records have been with us for 40 years and they have made the move from notebooks, to typewritten lists, to a Sinclair Spectrum and then onto a PC with “Indexer” before there was a move to Microsoft and Excel.  There is a lot of opportunity  there for errors to creep in  so we make no promises that what we have is completely accurate in every detail.  Always check against the originals and regard these as just a finding aid.