We learnt at an early stage that family historians are addicted to mysteries and solving clues, and we are no exception.  If you’re stuck with a particular ancestor, or just want to bounce some ideas off someone else, then please get in touch.

We do not run a business, but do love to research.  We have now produced 60 family trees in book form for people we know.  We research the trees, taking every line as far back as we can and, if possible, go to visit the places where they lived and provide photographs.  We do not give you computer generated reports, but write the stories of your ancestors ourselves, ranging from booklets of 15 to 20 pages for single lines of a family to over 200 pages for multiple lines.  Whether it’s one surname or an entire tree, we’d like to help.  We don’t charge an hourly rate or, in fact, anything for our time, but will need  you to specify a sum of money which you are willing to pay for the necessary certificates, other resources and the printing of the book.  Each book costs us a great deal of money in terms of travelling to record offices or to visit relevant places, so we would welcome a donation towards our expenses.  

If you’re interested in any help at all, or would like further information,  

please contact us.

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