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After 38 years of family history research, we have accumulated more baptisms, marriages, burials, photographs, wills and general snippets of information than we ever dreamed was possible.  In those pre-computer days, when every find involved a journey to a record office, everything was kept and recorded with care.  The painstaking work of recording everything on paper, in files or on index cards, has proved to have been worthwhile  and we still find that notes made in those early days are useful today.

With over  58,000 individuals on our database and items from church registers too numerous to mention, it seemed time to try to put at least some of that information on a website, as well as share some of the photographs we have taken on our travels with those of you who live in distant countries. Of course, many other people have done the same thing but, perhaps, you may find something new here.  

Each county is subdivided into the parishes and towns that we have explored.  We have added a list of the people we have researched who were born within those parishes, which will inevitably include a number of small villages.  The amount of information we have on each person varies very greatly indeed, but, if anyone appears to be of interest, then get in touch, and we will send what we have to you.  Any photographs we include on the site can also be sent, but we would ask that, if anything  we provide is used elsewhere, that credit is given for the work we have done and that our copyright on the photographs is acknowledged.  If you are not sure which parish your ancestor lived in, then use the general search facility on the county pages.  

It is important to realise that some of this information was collected long ago.  It is all our own work, but everyone makes mistakes. It is also important to remember that spelling varies a great deal so, if a name looks close, then check with us.   However, nothing that we send should be taken at face value and everything should be checked against the original records. Family history is not an exact science and your opinion may differ from ours.  We only offer the information as a guideline which may help to break down a few brick walls.  We do not intend to provide full family trees, but to help with information which may allow you to take the next steps in your research.  If you would like further assistance with extended research, then please ask and we may be able to help.  

This website:

An ongoing project!

We have recently uploaded databases of baptisms, marriages, and burials which are in addition to the people listed on this site.  You will find our databases at   www.usmk.net/data  (opens in a new window)

We also have hundreds of wills.  In some cases, there are transcriptions  which can be purchased for a small charge, but we will provide the names from the wills for free and tell you where you can get the original if you wish.  Click here to see the wills database.